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Microsoft Surface is a series of touchscreen-based personal computers and interactive whiteboards designed and developed by Microsoft, running the Microsoft Windows operating system. The devices are manufactured by original equipment manufacturers, including Pegatron, and are designed to be premium devices that set examples to Windows OEMs. It comprises 7 generations of hybrid tablets, 2-in-1 detachable notebooks, a convertible desktop all-in-one, an interactive whiteboard, and various accessories all with unique form factors. The majority of the Surface lineup features Intel processors and are compatible with Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system.

"Ren" from AMAZON wrote a review of his Microsoft Surface tablet in May 2020:

"My only main core dislike to the point of frustration is the proprietary power cord. It's nice that it is magnetic so no knocking your tablet off a table, but I truly do wish manufacturers discontinue this practice because it places me the consumer at a major disadvantage when I need a replacement card, or I forgot the cord at home or at work, so it would be great if there were longer cords. Also, the battery life is also not as advertised, I am getting about 7 hours idle with the screen off with a balanced setting, I can't change the battery status from % to time remaining, and none of the battery settings work. The 6 minutes of typing this review on my iPad, my surface tablet lost 3% while idling."


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Christoffer says

"Windows updates has rendered my MINIX computer from 2018 useless, and filled up the harddisk so it cannot be reset. Microsoft support hung up the phone on me. I guess they could'nt solve the issue either."

Aleksander says

"Worst customer service ever."

Alfred says

"1)Many microsoft products dont work very well: office, skype, etc. 2)The operating system is too much heavy. I am waiting a light version. 3)Microsoft ruined the software market for this reason. Some company use microsoft products (e.g. skype), but these are not compatible with other platform (ubuntu). This incompatibility create many problems. 5)Softwares are not user friendly."

Crazy Stuff says

"these LGBT lovers think they have the right to turn my PC on remotely and run their crappy UPDATES during the NIGHT! And leave my pc on the whole night!!!! I hope microsoft goes bankrupt CIA prostitutes."

Wannes says

"If you make an update at least make it work My first screen of pc is not recognized any more hours of work lost I send my bill to Microsoft you should be ashamed!!! Its time for Ubuntu"

Svensson says

"Suddenly I can't log onto my OWN account starting with info@ Contacting customer service is VERY difficult with all the options you HAVE to go through!! Was told that I don't have a phone number attached to my office acount, but that was'nt true!! just helped me and it took 30 seconds."

David says

"Microsoft Office is ransomware by encrypting the files that you share with others. Try opening one of the files in notepad if you want to see how hard the encryption is. Skype made advertisement for illegal drugs right after being bought by Microsoft. Windows 7/8/10 is spyware. Windows 10 is self-installing adware. You can play most of your games without hassle on a Linux gaming distribution such as PopOS or Manjaro if you want to keep most of your game collection. Libre Office can break the encryption of Microsoft Office files, but it's best to share open formats such as odt or pdf."

Rosa Reimer Hesse says

"The worst costumer service you can imagine. And they steal your money. Dont trust these don't-care-about-costumers "people"!!!"

Ross says

"Microsoft uses Windows to Harvest not just your info, but what ever is on your PC. They do this through their settings. If you've ever wondered why you Update your PC then it screams at you to download something you choose to avoid? It's because you're not letting them harvest as much as they could from someone else. Little to none of it actually goes to helping Windows, or a Customer who has a Problem with Windows. How do I know this? Their Customer Service is an Online Forum, which means ANYONE can respond to those issues. Some can even pretend to be employees, or lead you to believe they're employees by their user name."

Cue Here says

"END GAME - Finally after 5 days of "we'll get back to you" someone did - although lots of messages that "we tried to ring you and left a detailed phone message on your answering machine". TWO things there - 1) I don't HAVE any answering machine setup & 2) What time of the day were you ringing. I found out it was someone in the Central time area of the USA (I'm in Australia) - so I would have been asleep! RESULT - NONE! "Oh, I'm a software engineer, not activations - I can't help you. You'll need to talk to Billing and Activations". That's where I started nearly two weeks ago. They have my money & give no after care to activate it. I will be returning the "scratched" card without an activation number back to the store I purchased it from using Australian Law to get over the fact Microsoft put on the card "Not returnable once Activation covering is removed". It will become the software retailers problem - and if they waste 5 hours as well, they are welcome. I'm over it. There's alternatives that I will now pursue which aren't this "Customer UNFOCUSED". Disappointed at the arm waving and lack of knowledge by their "support" teams who haven't a "link" on their Support Help Desk Screens with what to do when this happens. EARLIER 4 Hours of my life lost to Microsoft "Help Desk" today that I'll never get back. Microsoft Office 2019 Home / Business - purchased as a "Card" hanging on the hook at the local stationery supplier. However the "scratch the activation" took off the number underneath as well. That started a whole bunch problems. 1) Whatever department you are transferred to is always "the wrong department". 2) When transferred to the "right department" you are disconnected mid-call. Even though they have your call back number and email address, carefully taken from you at the start of the call, you are not called or emailed back. 3) Their notes from "other customer support" never seem to be available to another staff member. So you get yet ANOTHER "Job Reference ID Number". 4) Uploading documents to prove you purchased the said product brings a message from the Microsoft Secure Server "Unable to upload - error" - in a big red block. 5) Transferred again to another department. Go through most of the problem again. 6) Have to identify myself to them again with another email code number. Yet another Job Ticket generated. Seem to have me using a Macintosh with Windows software - really??? Details incorrect and requiring them to edit my name, email and phone number 7) Help Desk failed to make it work after 2 x 2 hour sessions. "We'll call you back". Estimated time is 3 to 5 DAYS (not hours). 8) It's YOUR activation code not working but I've been made to go through the hoops - repeatedly. Your support staff couldn't make their own support software ("We'll remote control your machine" - fail. You can upload your scans of your receipts please and the back of the "scratch activation panel" - Upload to Microsoft Secure Server - ERROR WHILST UPLOADING. However did get two bits (but the WRONG two bits) of information up to their secure server. 9) No better off with activating the software. 10) $345.00 out of pocket with "perhaps" a fix within 3 to 5 days."

Jonathan Cohen says

"I had a technical problem on my Outlook, so I looked for help. The support did not manage to fix my problem but he managed to delete all my personal folders. Impossible to speak to a professional there. Apple does so much better!"

Petr Zkoubil says

"Ok , go to MS store, buy the stuff the same way as always (the only difference was that this time wasnt digital). Pay the same way as always. Even call my bank if everything is ok. After ONE WEEK (in 21st century) they respond without explanation they can not accept my payment. Dont mention they dont bother to inform me how and when they want to delievery the package . And its about cz store, sorry Denmark, but cz store isnt listed."

Lewis says

"They don't advertise the home use program which I've been elegible for, for years, without knowing. I ask for a partial refund of the remainder of my subscription and they decline it. Way to treat your customers. Well I won't bother anymore, I'll use pirated software instead."

John says

"Microsoft Updates are as usually absolutely use less. It seams as if they try to ruin the user experience with each update a little but more!!!"

Soren Sorensen says

"i just had a near death experience with microsoft teams this very bad app i am using for school and when i am talking to my friends my teacher can join any moment without a noise so i wont be able to hear him join that is very annnoying bcs i was talking trash about my teacher with my friends and now he is mad at me and is trying to give me bad grade and hitting me in school so in head and butt so thanks alot microsoft teems i hope you get this messege and will refund me with all the money i have used and also contaKT me teacher so i can ge my grades fixed AND i will defenently go to zoom now and throw my microsfot PC out of da window' Have a great day i lov u all peace out actually 5 stars not...."

Alan Zink says

"Please fix the bug and the Microsoft email."